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Ok, I got it
The Silver Horseshoe of Butch Cassidy
Only three episodes used Layout X of the Temple.   All three of those runs were Orange Iguanas runs.   Only one was a victory.   Paula and Matt - the Comeback Kids, as deemed by Kirk - only had one Pendant, but it was all that was needed.   Paula made decent time through the Temple, but the tasks she had to accomplish were rather simple.   Hit some actuators, plow through a wall, and ride up an elevator.   Simple.   Regardless, Paula grabbed the Silver Horseshoe of Butch
Cassidy with 1:25 remaining and escaped thirty-three seconds later.   That time might not be so large had the four-snake Medusa's Lair been in place of the Heart Room . . .

- This is the first episode of Season 2.
- When Paula enters the Throne Room, she doesn't hit the actuators - or even touch the Throne itself - for the door to open.   It does so automatically.
- This episode is the first episode of the series in which an Orange Iguana team
successfully reaches the artifact, let alone brings the artifact out of the Temple.
- Paula and Matt should NOT have been in the Temple Run.   During the third Temple Game - at which point the Purple Parrots were up, one pendant to none - Paula fell off the horse with one second remaining.   Kirk didn't catch this, said both Iguanas stayed on, and gave them the Pendant.   If he did, it would have been a tie; both teams would have gotten a Pendant, but with two Pendants, Terry and Wendy would have gone to the Temple.
- "Olmec, lower the gates."   (There's just one gate.)
- "The Throne"
- "She can either go north into the Observatory, head down into the Throne."   (Besides improper grammar and an incorrect room name, north doesn't necessarily mean up.)
- "The Well"   (The Mine Shaft)
- "The Sebler's Silver Horseshoe"
- "From the Ledges, she's gonna have to go
up one of the other side slide in through the Temple."
- "They go to Space Camp."